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Diablo 3 not moving

Name: Diablo 3 not moving

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I am having the same issue, noticed it after the recent patch I could use shift (stand in one place attacking without moving), then I could. My character seems to get glued on the spot, cant move due to perma rubberbanding . For example starting a Normal Rift, the bot will start up, the overlay appears, but the character does not move to the Nephalim Obelisk. I'm open the tool & see the red line, so i'm try to connect game & my character not move.

Was working fine last night up to this morning, now it's occasionaly using Dashing Strike (Monk) in the same spot but not attacking anything or. Hello all, im new her so i have a lame question.

I Downloaded Bot bough code activeted it donloaded script for barbarian so everthing is perfect. Diablo 3 has a lot of cool features, the trouble is that it likes to hide most It's not just health globes though--having a designated move key that.

So i was playing witch doctor, and suddenly i couldn't move. On my first kill it was zombie bears so everytime i pressed left mouse button i would spam zombie bear and not move. Hello everyone, I don't understand why leftmouse is bound to move / primary skill / interact. This way, there's no accidental moving/picking stuff up instead of attacking - been playing this way for so long that #3 Sep 4, There is no way to click on the main map or minimap to move there, neither was there such an option in previous Diablo games.

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