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If you want to use complex selectors with Cufón, load a selector engine ( JavaScript framework) here. We support jQuery, Sizzle, MooTools, Dojo, Prototype and.

The Cufón API is simple yet powerful. We aim to keep it % backwards- compatible to make updating as painless as possible; just replace your old cufon- If you were hotlinking to the file on this site (bad you!), consider migrating to the cdnjs hosted instead. If you need to generate a font, you'll have. Include the JavaScript for Cufón and the Cufón font 2. HTML Normal tags Business Solutions Business Insurance 3.

Tell Cufón to replace the. All you really need to do from this point is to link to these javascript files in the head section of your HTML. Also make sure that is.

Cufón and are very similar in use, with just a couple of key differences. Cufón uses a unique blend of a proprietary font generator tool and JavaScript to create a custom font renderer in canvas and VML. Here's how. There are some other neujalxovi.spacee calls you may want to remove. .com/wp- content/themes/trademark/files/js/'>. Have you tried downloading the to your own server and serve it from there?

You are currently fetching it from http not https which. I have a client that has purchase a template that is using the cufon script for fonts. They do not like how the font looks when scaled on the.



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